The UVSASE Case Competition will be an addition to the Element Conference that allows participants of the conference to tackle current challenges in the Southeast network. It is up to the discretion of the UVSASE Eboard & Element Programming committee in order to determine the problem they need to solve every two years. This challenge not only serves as a space to brainstorm solutions but provides members with the opportunity to collaborate with other members within (and beyond!) the Southeast network to learn from one another and gain valuable insights.  The ultimate goal is to equip our attendees with the beneficial skills and experience to tackle any future issue they may face, either in their personal or VSA world, through this structured immersive experience.

This Year's Theme:

Before the founding of the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Southeast (UVSASE), there was a UVSA Georgia (UVSAGA). UVSAGA was founded in 1985. It acted as the representative organization for the Southeast, although they mainly focused on VSAs located in the state of Georgia. UVSAGA had three main objectives: Leadership, Culture and Community Service. With these in mind, they hosted events that are still being hosted by UVSASE today, such as Olympics and Southeast Leadership Camp (SELC). For their goal of culture, they also hosted a Black April Commemoration, which was an event to commemorate and educate members on the history of Black April.

In 2015, UVSASE was established. UVSASE is a non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization with a commitment to unify Vietnamese youths in the Southeastern region of the United States. Our network expands across the six states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, supporting hundreds of students within our 18 partnered universities.  UVSASE operates on four main pillars: Unity, Leadership, Culture and Organizational Development and Advancement. With these four pillars in mind, UVSASE has set goals for their staff, members and the organization itself. These goals include promoting awareness of the Vietnamese culture, language and society.

Since the founding of UVSASE, executive board members and staff have done a magnificent job at planning and executing successful events which touch base on multiple pillars listed in our constitution. One aspect that UVSASE has been missing is hosting an event that has a cultural component to it.

At first thought, many of you may consider planning a culture show. Another proposal that might come to mind is a Youtube series showcasing the different foods in the Vietnamese culture. But ask yourself: how does it stand out from the others? What makes yours different? Can it be more than just traditional dances and Vietnamese foods? For the launch of our first Case Study Competition hosted at Element, we would like to encourage you and your teammates to organize an initiative that is not only feasible (financially and logistically), innovative and relevant but also highlights our cultural pillar.