Outstanding Member

This award recognizes members of affiliated organizations of the Southeast who has significantly contributed to the success and well-being of the organization. Each organization may nominate up to three (3) members for this category. You may nominate individuals who are not members of your own organization as well. Individuals must be a member of the organization and did not hold an officer position in the organization during the majority of the academic year. Up to three (3) individuals shall be receiving this award.

Mandy Dao

School | University of Georgia

Major | Biology & Animal Science

Time Active in Organization | 2 Years

Current Status | Undergraduate Sophomore

As a member how has he/she made an impact on your organization/community and/or the Southeast region?

Mandy has been a consistent member in UGA VSA since her start at UGA in 2017. She's attended events at all levels including UNAVSA-15, Element, SELC17, and SELC18. Her dedication to VSA has been showcased through her constant help and presence at all UGA VSA events and she has held positions such as Freshman Liaison, ACE Family Leader, SELC18 Family Leader, and NIS 15 Decorations Director. Regardless of her position in VSA, she has made an impact by providing countless of creative ideas and has always been willing to lend a helping hand from cooking food all night to making sure all of the members are having a good time. Mandy always puts herself out there and has positively impacted many people in VSA through her caring and extroverted personality. If you need help, you can always rely on Mandy to put forth her best forward and complete things to the best of her ability.

If you could describe this officer in one word what would it be and why?

It would be 'dedicated' because she commits a lot of time into VSA and the community. Her dedication is not only to VSA but to other aspects of her life as well. Seeing her commitment to school and working toward vet school is especially inspiring as she balances this with her social life as well. Mandy is always willing to lend a helping hand and listening ear to everyone in her life, so her dedication to living her best life is especially admirable.