For a lot of people, Southeast is their family and an organization that they want to give back to during their college years. But after college, they find it difficult to maintain engagement and involvement. With the Alumni Network, we are providing a space for those individuals who were involved with the Southeast to feel welcome again and to give them a chance to give back while also receiving some sort of benefit.

UVSASE alumni definition

"UVSASE Alumni are any former officially recognized member who has served under UVSASE and/or UVSA-GA for a minimum of one event as: Cabinet Director, Cabinet Associate, Event Director, Event Associate, CoRR, Steering Committee Member, and/or UVSASE Executive Board Member."

Alumni network plans

For the inauguration of the UVSASE Alumni Network, the executive board is offering two alumni membership types:
Full and Affiliate. The costs and benefits of each membership type are listed below.


Per month

  • Access to all Alumni events
  • Name will be posted on the Southeast website


Per month

  • Name will be engraved in a new plaque for UVSASE Alumni; this plaque will be displayed at all Southeast events
  • Name will be posted on Southeast website,
  • The choice of which event the payment goes to (you can choose the event that you want your membership fee to go towards to)
  • Name will be printed on the back of shirts and any printed marketing material as an alumni sponsor (for event of your choosing*)
  • Automatically eligible to be voted "Alumni of the Year" at the Southeast Awards
  • Discounted prices for Alumni events
  • One free Southeast merchandise of your choice
    *Limited spaces per each event